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on.ca.si.no hill01 타이샨이 곧 오픈합니다 서두르세요! hill01 온.카.지.노✅✅✅11✅✅✅111111✅ 덧글 0 | 조회 173 | 2020-09-24 16:13:24

on.ca.si.no hill01 타이샨이 곧 오픈합니다 서두르세요! hill01 온.카.지.노

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★A new member's 1 million deposit event

A total of 190,000 won coupons will be given to you if you achieve a cumulative deposit of 1 million won! )

Payment will continue until 1 million deposit is reached! If you deposit 30,000 won after signing up, 10,000 will be paid immediately!

+ 30,000 won for 100,000 deposit

+ 50,000 won for 500,000 deposit

If you get 1 million deposit, + 100,000 won!

★ Weekdays Luzing Event

We'll pay you 5% of the total amount you lost from Monday to Friday!

※ Payed at 4 p.m. on Tuesday, accumulated luge of 200,000 won or more on Monday-Friday of the previous week

★ Weekend Luzing Event

What if you spent the weekend with Onka? We won't miss out on weekend users!

"We'll pay you 5% of the Saturday and Sunday lugging amount in a comb!"

★Attendance event

Every time you enjoy it, you'll get a lot of money in your pockets! With Onka every day!

Total daily deposit (minimum 100,000 won)

More than 100,000 won to less than 500,000 won: 10,000 won saved.

More than 500,000 won to less than 1 million won: 20,000 won saved.

1 million won or more ~ : 40,000 won accumulated

#The Bornbet

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